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Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you? Explore subtle and obvious signs of flirting so that you can make sure whether a girl likes you.
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It’s hard to tell whether someone likes you because there are subtle flirting signs as well as obvious ones. Subtle signs may stem from shyness or a wish to play it cool. No matter what the reason is it is totally annoying when you can’t tell if a girl likes you or not. Moreover if you are friends with a woman you must know the signs she likes you more than a friend. Otherwise you’ll ruin your friendship for no reason. Thus you should learn how to tell if a girl is into you.

So how to know if a girl likes you? Let’s discuss 7 flirtatious behaviors that will give you a hint.

1. Copying gestures: People tend to copy behaviors and gestures of someone whom they like and feel connected. You can test this by changing your poses while talking.

2. Exaggerated expressions: This is one of the signs a woman is attracted to you. No matter you flirt with girls online or offline you tend to react excessively when you are flirting. For instance when a girl likes a boy she sends a lot of emojis while flirting online for free.

3. Behavioral differences based on genders: Guys are inclined to act dominant and confident talk loudly and stand upright. Girls usually act in a cute and shy way glance away and show off their feminine sides.

4. Smile and giggles: Shared humor is essential to differentiate your potential partners from others. Also if a girl laughs at your jokes good and bad ones that is a great sign.

5. Self-touches: If a girl touches her hair caresses her hands or neck pouts her lips or makes them wet she is flirting with you. Why? Because she wants to grab your attention to her feminity and notice her interest.

6. Open body language: If a girl’s shoulders feet and arms are towards you it is a sign that she likes you but is scared to make it obvious. Crossing legs blushing intense eye contacts nodding and wiggling hips while walking are body language signs of flirting that mean she likes you more than a friend.

7. Paying full attention: A person who likes you will avoid any distractions while talking. They may even get angry if someone interrupts your conversation.

To wrap up…

You will easily make sure whether someone likes you by observing these signs now. Furthermore you can use them to signal your intention for a flirt and date.

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