Online Chatting Tips

Do you want to know how to make your chats fun and impress your crush via text messaging? Stay tuned for awesome tips that will allow you to achieve your goals quickly.
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Online Chatting Tips

While messaging online conveying emotions can be hard. Your chat friend or crush may not understand your jokes and feelings in an online conversation. Thus you need to learn how to avoid misunderstandings and impress your crush over text. Otherwise you will kill the conversation and lose your crush's interest. Lucky for you we’ve got you covered with awesome online chatting tips that will make you attract your crush easily. Let’s dive in.

1. Craft your messages: Carefully write every text message based on what you want to say and then send it. Play it cool. Don’t sound too eager or disinterested.

2. Customize your messages: You will get a lot of useful information from your crush's profile. By learning about her interests hobbies and lifestyle you can personalize your opening lines and start a conversation that guarantees a response back.

3. Be witty: Jokes are hard to get over text. So avoid sarcasm or dark humor. Get cleverly funny.

4. Stand out: Show your quirky sides confidently. Be yourself. Girls would adore that.

5. Play conversational games on chat: Games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ or 'Would You Rather' are perfect to get to know each other have fun and keep the chat alive.

6. Avoid sending long texts: Don’t smother her with novel-like messages. Most people don’t read and respond to long messages.

7. Ask fun questions: You should ask some questions that will intrigue her to answer and make her curious about your answers. This is the best way to get to know each other and keep instant messaging fun.

8. Don’t compliment all the time: Compliment her often not always. Otherwise either you will sound insecure or she will start to think she is too good to date you.

9. Remember the things she said: Pay attention to what she says. Send messages that are related to them. Show you’re interested in learning more about her.

10. Subtly flirt over texts: Don’t send gooey love messages. Use cute nicknames that will make her feel special. Signal your intention for a date in a nice way.

Isn't it amazing? With these simple tricks you can have remarkable conversations with your crush. Now it's your turn! For further tips check out our daily blogs.

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